Dental Assistant

I’ve been working in the dental field since 2005. I have enjoyed working with Dr. Tamucci since June 2016. I am a people person, and I love working with and learning about our patients. This job is so interesting, each patient has a different need, and each case is different. The combination of working so closely with patients, and the incredible opportunity to learn and grow makes this the perfect job for me. Dentistry today is exciting; the field of dentistry is constantly changing. The technology is incredible, and Dr. Tamucci and our entire team are committed to remaining cutting edge, in both the areas of high-tech dentistry and patient experience. With those two goals, how could I want to work anywhere else

I’m also the proud mother of two lovely girls who brighten my every day. In my free time I love spending time with my 2 beautiful daughters and my fun loving Yorkshire Puppy named Toby. I also enjoy going the beach, swimming and shopping.