Registered Dental Hygienist

Everyone loves to have a beautiful smile and I love to be a part in helping to achieve that !I am fastidious about doing a thorough job to achieve maximum results. For patient’s comfort, I am licensed to give local anesthesia or can apply it only topically as well. Great oral health comes from action and education, and our overall health and well- being is closely related to this. I enjoy both my adult and pediatric patients and learn from them as much as I enjoy teaching about why they visit our office. For children, I make sure that it is not just a dental appointment but rather a “play date” to have fun (and also learn a thing or two). I want patients to be both comfortable and happy with the treatment choices we make, together, for themselves, or a family member. I joined Dr. Tamucci over twelve plus years ago and love this office, my co-workers , and the integrity that Dr.Tamucci employs in all his work and decisions.

My family and friends, are my life and love! Three (and counting) years ago I had a cat show up at my door and “adopt” me only to become my second love and a huge part of my family. I love to cook and bake and will often discuss new restaurants or old haunts to visit because I am such a foodie. I love to smile and joke, and will always lend and ear when someone needs to vent or unwind. Balance in life is key! Laughter is a necessity…